Berlin is where the heart beats

Less than two hours from Helsinki or three and a half hours from Lisbon by plane and less than eight and a half hours from Paris by train – Berlin is right at the heart of Europe. Your new home is a center for people who are personally and professionally very mobile. But it is certainly not just its location that makes this city a European hotspot.

Ham and eggs for breakfast, spaghetti aglio e olio for lunch and lahmacun for supper – 190 nationalities and, with them, their cultures and their specialties live in Berlin. German, English, Spanish, Turkish, or Danish – almost every language is spoken here. Berlin is international and has long reached the level of such European metropolises as London and Paris. The capital city doesn’t only beat in the heart of Europe, but also in the hearts of Europeans.

Berlin has always been one step ahead - this proves the exciting history of the city. In 1854, Heinrich Goebel invented the light bulb. Where? In Berlin. Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870. Where? In Berlin. The companies Aero Lloyd and Junkers Luftverkehr united to become the largest German airline and joint stock corporation, Lufthansa, in 1926. Where? In Berlin. This city has a moving history. 

Did you know that the avenue “Unter den Linden” already existed in 1647? Or that Berlin already had more than one million inhabitants in 1877? Explore the Berlin Wall, the underworlds, the former bunkers – let the convent fragments of the Graues Kloster whisper their past to you. The mixture of old and new is what makes Berlin an exciting metropolis. Come to Berlin!

OUR TIP: Berlin has always been a city of ideas, inventions, and experimentation. The variety, the opposites, the co-existence, the colorful, the creative, the crazy, and also the normal – everything that Berlin stands for internationally, is based on the great value of freedom. Whether you’re an artist or a businesswoman, a dyed-in-the-wool Berliner or a newcomer, a neighborhood fixture or a hipster. Because anything goes in Berlin. Find out more in the current campaign #FreedomBerlin!