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On our meta job market, new and resident Berliners search for job offers in the capital region, since it is integrated into the official welcome portal for the City of Berlin, Talent Berlin. The portal is promoted nationally and internationally in the context of marketing for the capital city. See our page "Service for Companies" for everything we offer companies.

The job market automatically collects job offers for Berlin-Brandenburg from over ten large or specialised job markets. This offers job seekers, students, graduates and young professionals an overview of all job offers.

By registering as a company, you can publish your job offers, internships or apprenticeships for Berlin and the region in German or English, at no charge. 

Take advantage of the free short presentation in the industry-related company slideshows in the "Jobs in Berlin" section for your employer branding – this makes you visible to applicants as a company in Berlin.

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Company name*

The company name is displayed in your job offers.

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The information about the contact person serves as a contact for administrative purposes. We do not publish this information.

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1. The logo appears next to your job offer.
2. The logo is a teaser picture for your company in the industry-related Karriereslider. You can select the industries in the next step. Please upload a .jpg or .png file (minimum 300x300 pixels).

Company website – career website *

Here, enter the direct link to your career page or job offers (

1. The URL will appear in the job offer.
2. There will be a direct link to the URL in the short description (next step)

If you do not have a career page, use your general company URL. It is important that applicants can find the up-to-date job offers and required information for the application process on your site.

Social media

If available, include the URLs for the social media profiles of your company. The profiles are displayed in the job offers.


Your Facebook profile, if applicable.


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Your XING profile, if applicable.

"career slider" on Talent Berlin

Take advantage of this opportunity to make yourself visible to applicants as an employer. Your company is presented with the name, logo and a short text, as well as a link to your career page. Select one to three industries in which you would like to appear.

Example: Display of an industry-specific company slider

Brief description of the company for Karriereslider

Please describe your company's core activities (maximum 300 characters) so that it is interesting to applicants. What careers are you looking for? Who are your customers?

Our tip: Avoid a conventional, general company description. Use concrete work and task fields or challenges that you offer the applicant. In industries that have the same careers (e.g. programmers, electrical engineers), any information about the concrete activities, responsibilities, processes or potential contact with customers can set your company apart from your competitors.


Select one or more categories that apply to your company.

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Take a look at the Service for Companies section for other ways in which we can help your company.