Culinary delights from all over the world

Berlin's restaurants lure with attractive lunch offers.

The best food in Germany is in Berlin. Berlin is home to every type of cuisine in the world. More than 15,800 catering establishments of a wide variety of nationalities, restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, trattorias and pubs invite you to feast and enjoy. Cooking is a piece of Berlin’s culture.

Professional cooks meet connoisseurs in the capital city. Thus the “Michelin Guide” critics awarded a total of twelve stars to Berlin restaurants in 2013. But the capital city also loves its fast food, such as Berlin’s currywurst. Many supermarkets in Berlin are open until midnight and many late-night shops are even open around the clock. Bon appetite!

Breakfast: The best from the simple kind

Morning coffee with colleagues at the Friedrichstraße

In Berlin, you can eat breakfast around the clock. And there is no better way to start a new working day than with a freshly made sandwich and fresh coffee, regardless of the time of day. You see them at every corner in Berlin: coffee shops, bakeries and breakfast cafes for early birds and night owls. Berlin is the federal breakfast capital. The business breakfast is particularly popular – the perfect opportunity to work in a different atmosphere. Many companies and freelancers use this convivial service. Berlin's gastronomy is well prepared. The selection is large. Enjoy your meal!

The lunch break

Lunchtime in the Ristorante Petrocelli at the Kurfürstendamm

Nothing is more important than a balanced lunch. When the work day is half done and the stomach rumbles, it is time for a lunch break. No matter which borough you work in, you always have the agony of choice. Whether it is Asia, Italian, German, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, salad, burgers, pizza, pasta, sandwiches or dessert –every day a new choice. Make your lunch breaks individual and varied!

When time is short, you can always refer to one of the many delivery services in Berlin – order per phone or internet and eat right at your desk. Or take your favorite colleagues and discover the restaurant landscape around your work place! Benefit from good and affordable lunch menus that are mostly offered from 11 to 3 p.m. The business lunch is a real alternative for project meetings. Furthermore, many companies have own canteens or joint canteens with other companies. Public canteens, e.g. neighborhood kitchens or town hall canteens, are open for everybody and are a perfect opportunity for an affordable lunch.

The after-work beer

The Strandbar Mitte seen from the bridge Monbijoubrücke

Work is done: time to relax. Now you can let the day slowly fade. Berlin has the right location for any plan for the evening. Whether it is the classic after-work beer or a cocktail in a nice atmosphere – you can organize your free evenings as you like. A rustic pub, a noble hotel bar, a classic cocktail bar, an oriental shisha bar or an iconic cafe – every borough in Berlin has its own "after-work culture". The selection is wide and special. Beach bars, sky bars, beer gardens and themed lounges make Berlin as a major city different from other cities in Germany.

Groceries: 24 hours a day

You got off work later than expected and want to shop for groceries? No problem. In Berlin, most supermarkets are open till 10 p.m. or midnight. Seven supermarkets are even open on Sundays as well as holidays, Advent Sundays, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Days, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. In case the nearby supermarket is already closed, look for one of the numerous small shops colloquially called "Späti". There you will get beverages and basic food items. Many of the Spätis are open 24/7 (except Sundays).

OUR TIP: Check the opening hours in advance on the internet!

Berlin weekly markets: Enjoy exotic at home

The Berlin weekly markets are particularly popular among Berliners – fresh products, exotic foods, flair and bargains. Fruist and vegetables from organic farmers, natural cosmetics, fish, meat, flowers, fabrics and clothing - here you will find everything you need for a conscious everyday life. Regional and international delicacies and products!

OUR TIP: With the map "Berliner Wochenmärkte" from DERTOUR you will discover all Berlin weekly markets along the public transport network. Watch now!