Peggy K. (age 34)

finds Berlin to be inspiring and enriching.

© Peggy K.
Where do you work?

I am a product developer in a young and ambitious fashion startup.

Where did you start your career?

At a Berlin based fashion label (UVR connected).

What made your life in Berlin easier in the beginning?

New friends and neighbors.

How do you feel about your life in Berlin?

Inspiring, enriching and full of opportunities in private and professional life.

What is the difference between Berlin and your home country?

Bigger, more anonymous, more diverse in terms of culture, people and nightlife.

If you could give a new Berliner a tip, what would it be?

When encountering difficulties, e.g. while searching for an apartment, don't lose patience and stay with it. Explore the city – alone, if necessary. And make social contacts as soon as possible.

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