Login residence

Find out more about the services of the Berlin Bezirksamt offices and the documents you need to bring with you when you register your place of residence!

Health Insurance

Each and every Berlin resident that earns more than a certain amount must subscribe to health insurance. Find out more about your insurance options!

Taxes & account

Here you will learn how to open a bank account in Berlin, what documents you have to bring with you to do so, and where you can apply for your tax number.

Electricity & Gas

Immediately after moving into your new apartment or house in Berlin, you should subscribe for electricity and, if necessary, gas. Where? Find out here.

Internet, phone, TV

Find a telephone, TV and Internet provider as well as information about your reception and contractual possibilities in Berlin!

Regular's tables & Meetups

Find new friends: round tables and Meetups are organized every day in Berlin. Where? Find out here. 

Learning German

Integration course, language course or tandem learning – find your way to learn the German language! Get more information now!

A successful arrival

Plenty has been written, but what is really true? Here, professionals tell about their career start and their adopted home of Berlin.