Christopher Kruczek (29)

loves the “Berlin quirks”.

Where do you work?

I work as a Software Development Engineer at WOM. WOM is an original equipment manufacturer that produces medical devices for large customers, who then distribute the devices. Our development and production is subdivided into four product groups – Cameras & Photonics, Insufflators & Pumps, single-use products, and cardiovascular surgical instruments.

I work in the “Insufflators & Pumps” department, and I develop medical pumps for minimally invasive surgeries, e.g. for knee or shoulder arthroscopy. These products eventually come into use in the operating room. Our pumps expand the joints with fluid, which helps the surgeon perform their work. It’s for exactly these products that I develop the software.

Why did you choose Berlin?

I’m originally from Leipzig, and I moved to Berlin ten years ago for an apprenticeship and to study. Due to the birth of my first child, I also moved to Magdeburg for some time in the interim because my partner lived there. In Magdeburg, I was able to continue with my IT studies.

Then, when I became a dad for the second time, we had to make a decision for our family on how we were going to get by financially. As a result, I stopped studying and applied to WOM. Fortunately, it all worked out and I have a great job and am living with my girlfriend and our kids in the best city in the world.

Who or what made settling into Berlin easier for you?

The family I have here; my auntie and uncle. They were a huge help to me and always my first port of call when I was worried about something or needed something.

What do you love about Berlin?

I love the “Berlin quirks”. I’ve experienced things here that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else – for example, small horses and llamas on the tram. I’m not joking! This city is as crazy as it is diverse. On the one hand, I’m always able to find tranquility in Berlin when I need it, and on the other hand, there’s always action to be found as well! Whatever I’m in the mood for, Berlin has it.

If you could give a newcomer to Berlin one tip, what would it be?

Visit Lily Burger in Prenzlauer Berg! They have a burger that is a meter tall! And if you can eat it all, you’ll make the Hall of Fame. (laughs) And explore the Berlin clubs! That’s a must.