Energy: subscribing to electricity and gas

Immediately after moving into your new apartment or house in Berlin, you should subscribe for electricity and, if necessary, gas. Many Berlin households are supplied with gas – both for heating as well as hot water. To find out if your home is supplied with gas, please refer to your rental agreement. 

In Berlin, you may choose one of several electricity and gas suppliers. If you have not yet chosen a provider, your household will first be supplied via the company “Vattenfall” (electricity) and “Gasag” (gas). This guarantees the supply of gas and electricity from the day you move in.

There are several comparison portals on the Internet that will calculate and show you the electricity and gas prices for your household. The prices depend on the size of the home, the consumption and the exact place of residence (postal code). 

OUR TIP: Take a quick peek at the “Stromspiegel für Deutschland 2014” (Electricity index for Germany 2014). This will give you an overview of the average electricity consumption of a household depending on the type of building and number of people in the household.

When you sign a contract, pay attention to short one-month notice periods. We also advise monthly installments. The contract can be completed directly online. Important: When you move in, make a note of the exact electricity and / or gas meter reading(s)!

OUR TIP: Ask your new neighbors who have already chosen an electricity or gas provider for advice with choosing a provider.