Best Workplaces in Berlin and Brandenburg

Here you find an overview of the Great Place to Work winners from the years 2013 - 2018. Simple check short profile and visit the company's website if you are interested.


The employees at Sanofi are dedicated to researching the causes of diseases and finding starting points for their medical treatment, drug development, the production of active ingredients, pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as the delivery and distribution of finished medical products.

Jobs at Sanofi
Bayer AG

Bayer's core strengths lie in the fields of health, agriculture and high-quality polymer materials. The company combines the global activities of the Animal Health, Consumer Care, Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals divisions.

Jobs at Bayer Pharma AG
GE Energy

In Germany, GE is currently represented at more than 50 locations and by over 7000 employees, including in Berlin. Its corporate priorities include energy, medicine and financial services – together with local expertise, innovative products and an experienced management team.

Jobs at GE Energy

Pfizer produces innovative medicines, vaccines and non-prescription products such as ThermaCare, VitaSprint and Centrum. The company's research focuses in particular on cancer, pain alleviation, inflammatory diseases and diseases of the central nervous system.

Jobs at Pfizer

From pharmacists and doctors to lawyers, economists, IT experts, controllers, sports therapists, nurses, medical assistants, sales specialists and experienced employees in the telephone service center – there is something for everybody at the AOK health insurance company.

Jobs at AOK
S&V Technologies

We are specialized in the development, production and marketing of medical devices. The company is divided into three divisions: aesthetic dermatology, veterinary medicine and the development and production of biomaterials for medical applications.

Jobs at S&V Technologies

MELAG manufactures products for practice hygiene with a team of approximately 275 employees. All products are consistently developed with a development team of almost 100 specialized engineers at the highest international standards.

Jobs at MELAG

XLHealth supports entrepreneurs working with digital health solutions. Digital health refers to the evolutionary fusion of medical knowledge and IT solutions for prevention, treatment and follow-up in health, or in other words, for the preservation of human health.

Health 2.0

Health 2.0 Berlin is a network and focuses on innovations in the provision of healthcare and health techniques – a place for sharing, discussing, presenting and developing ideas to improve patient care.

Jobs at Health 2.0
MagForce AG

MagForce AG works in the area of nanotechnology-based cancer therapy and is the first company in the world to receive European approval for a medical product using nanoparticles. The therapy is available to patients in the NanoTherm® therapy centers

Jobs at MagForce AG
ohst medical

OHST is specialized in the production of joint implants. We not only provide services from development, approval and production planning all the way to production and quality management, but also jobs in all these areas.

Jobs at OHST Medical

W.O.M. is a world leader in the field of minimally invasive medicine. We have been developing and producing innovative products for over 40 years that make surgeries as easy as possible on patients.


XION offers complete endoscopy systems for applications in ENT, arthroscopy, laparoscopy and gynecology. Innovative tools and equipment with perfect functionality are essential for modern and patient-friendly diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Jobs at XION

Charité is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. Here, doctors and scientists heal, conduct research and teach at the top international level. Charité also has an international reputation for excellence in training.

Jobs at Charité
app Implantate AG

aap Implantate AG manufactures and markets trauma & biomaterial products for orthopedics to hospitals, buying syndicates and hospital groups. In the biomaterials business, sales are handled via OEM and private label cooperations with orthopedic and trauma companies.

Jobs at app Implantate AG

Artificial joints & joint replacement, prostheses and joint replacement for knees, hips, shoulders and elbows plus biomaterials, bone cements, products for neurosurgery and spine surgery, trauma and more.

Jobs at BIOMET

conhIT is an industry event and focuses on health IT as a driver for a sustainable healthcare system. The trade fair offers all healthcare players an ideal platform to exchange ideas – jobs for IT, marketing and in organizing.

Jobs at conhIT

epigenomics is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and commercializes proprietary products for the screening and diagnosis of cancer. Its lead product, Epi proColon®, is a blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancer, which is currently marketed in Europe.

Jobs at epigenomics
Glycotope GmbH

GLYCOTOPE is a global leader in Glycobiology and is developing new and propietary biopharmaceuticals with optimized and fully human glycosylation structures as well as highly specific antibodies against glyco-epitopes on cancer cells.

Jobs at Glycotope GmbH
Metanomics Health GmbH

Since 2003, Metanomics Health GmbH has been a metabolomics pioneer in biological science and one of the leading analytical service providers of broad and targeted metabolite profiling for the provision of healthcare and food in industry and academia.

Jobs at Metanomics Health

MEYTEC offers innovative services and future-oriented solutions in the fields of telemedicine, information and communication and corporate security throughout Europe. Meeting customer needs and providing extensive customer service are at the heart of all our efforts.

Jobs at MEYTEC
Silence Therapeutics

Silence Therapeutics is a leading RNA technology company that develops medical products and therapeutic agents for diseases with a high level of clinical requirements. The technology is currently used in the clinic in a Phase 2a pancreatic cancer study.

Jobs at Silence Therapeutics

Signature is a translational oncology and genomics company that develops large biobanks in multiple cancers including colorectal and lung cancer in the framework of multicenter prospective clinical studies.

Jobs at Signature
Zoologischer Garten Berlin

Berlin Zoo has the most comprehensive collection of species in the world, and is a very popular employer – jobs available in zoology, veterinary medicine, research, botany, art, gastronomy, administration and management.

Jobs at Zoo Berlin

Vivantes is one of the largest employers in the healthcare system of Berlin. As municipal hospital group Vivantes treats half a million patients annually - jobs for doctors, nurses, therapists, cleaning and kitchen staff, as well as IT and administrative people.

Jobs at Vivantes

Renafan takes care of the elderly: outpatient care, assisted living, nursing homes, day care, short-term care and respite care. It also offers intensive care services for adults and children in need of intensive nursing as well as sheltered housing facilities for people with dementia.

Jobs at Renfan
PROMNITZ, Therapie am Zentrum

The therapy centre in Brandenburg an der Havel opened another centre in Potsdam in 2011. With physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopedics, as well as sport medicine under one roof, interdisciplinary work is now possible offering jobs to sports scientists, physiotherapists and masseurs!

Medlanes GmbH

At Medlanes we’re bringing medicine online by building the first contact point to healthcare! Medlanes is one of the leading digital health companies in Europe that combines the convenience of the web and mobile world with the quality and reliability of a doctor’s visit.

Jobs at Medlanes GmbH

Solaga erforscht und entwickelt Solargasanlagen. Diese stellen aus Sonnenlicht, CO2 und Spurenelementen speicherbares Methangas her - Treibstoff aus der Luft.

Jobs at solaga

REHA VITA is the No. 1 in terms of rehabilitation and health services in Southern Brandenburg and stands for health-promoting jobs, appreciative leadership and corporate culture, good work-life balance and long-term safety for all concerned.

VAMED Deutschland

VAMED is an international healthcare services company and part of the Fresenius Group. Our employees plan and manage u.a. Laboratory and medical technology in health facilities.

Jobs at VAMED Deutschland
Frehe & Watzl

Frehe & Watzl is a physical therapy practice with four locations in Berlin. Regular team meetings and individual case reviews ensure rapid exchange among the team. The practice works closely with doctors, homes, and direct care facilities.

Jobs at Frehe & Watzl
Sinfonie GmbH & Co.KG

The team at Sinfonie GmbH & Co.KG, develops software for the social market. They train, support, and counsel customers in the areas of elder care, integration assistance, child and youth welfare, and information centers.

Jobs at Sinfonie GmbH & Co.KG