Best Workplaces in Berlin and Brandenburg

Here you find an overview of the Great Place to Work winners from the years 2013 - 2018. Simple check short profile and visit the company's website if you are interested.

Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung

DUW offers application-oriented research in the form of academic accompaniment and assessments with a research approach and develops continuing education concepts for facilitators in a variety of professional and academic fields.

Jobs at DUW
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht

The Berlin School of Economics and Law is distinguished by an intensive and diverse research program. Research into topics in economics, the social sciences, administration, engineering and law is conducted in the University’s five departments.

Jobs at Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht
Touro College Berlin

Touro College Berlin is a private American university in Berlin with institutional accreditation by the US-Central States Commission of Higher Education and the German Science Council. Focus: management, finance, marketing, real estate management and psychology.

Jobs at Touro College Berlin
Private Kant-Schulen

As an education authority, the Private Kant Schools Foundation offers programs with different focal points in German and English at three locations in Berlin to nationally recognized elementary and secondary schools.

Jobs at Private Kant-Schulen
UdK Berlin

Research at the University of the Arts in Berlin is conducted in art, music and theater sciences as well as in the related educational disciplines. Another main research area is scientific disciplines that generate new knowledge and new areas of knowledge.

Jobs at UdK Berlin
Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin

Research is part of the many tasks of the Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin (KHSB). Research should support the development of social services, identify undesirable developments and potentials, inspire solution concepts and critically evaluate their implementation.

Jobs at Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin
SRH Hochschule Berlin

Basic and applied research go hand in hand at the SRH Hochschule Berlin. The research activities are combined under the cluster “Analysis of dynamic changes of processes and structures in the economy and society”.

Jobs at SRH Hochschule
Alice Salomon Hochschule

With around 2,900 students, Alice Salomon Hochschule (ASH) Berlin is one of the largest independent institutions of higher education in social work, health and early education in Germany.

Jobs at Alice Salomon Hochschule
BSP Business School Berlin

BSP Business School Berlin is a private, state-recognized school of management. The academic team is made up of management, communications and psychology experts.

Jobs at BSP Business School Berlin

The ESMT European School of Management and Technology is a private business school, accredited by the German state and which focuses on three main topics: leadership and social responsibility, European competitiveness, and technology management.

Jobs at ESMT
Evangelische Hochschule Berlin

The research projects of the Evangelische Hochschule Berlin are aimed at professional and social practice. Additional practical orientations and interdisciplinary options enrich the teaching and learning. Teaching and research are special qualities of EHB.

Jobs at Evangelische Hochschule Berlin

GoBS is a business school for professionals. The principle: a three-stage study program; entry for professionals with or without a high school diploma. The professors at GoBS have academic expertise as well as methodological and didactic expertise combined with practical experience.

Jobs at GoBS
FOM Hochschule

The FOM is a university with a total of 31 locations in Germany, including Berlin. The teaching structure allows professional individuals to obtain an academic education. There are jobs for professors, lecturers, researchers and employees in the areas of administration and organization.

Jobs at FOM Hochschule
Wall Street English

Wall Street English ist eine private Sprachschule. Bei Wall Street English kann jeder lernen und von einem der 20 Lernniveaus aus starten, egal ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener – Jobs für Lehrer, Sales Mitarbeiter und Co.

Jobs at Wall Street English
Konnektiv Kollektiv GmbH

Konnektiv works at the intersection of technology, collaboration & social development. We manage development projects in the ICT sector, advise on digital strategy & portfolio management, provide training & facilitation, conduct research & analysis, and program software solutions.

Jobs at Konnektiv Kollektiv GmbH