Intelligent transportation systems

Dear systems analysts and engineers, test managers and engineers, development engineers, product managers, project managers, IT process managers, and software developers. Many of your colleagues are already developing and operating intelligent transportation systems for Berlin companies.

By intelligent transportation solutions, we mean driver assistance systems for vehicles, fleet management applications for freight transport, control and information technology for buses and trains, as well as modern traffic management. Today, all of these developments are key components of mobility solutions.

The main focus of Berlin intelligent transportation system companies is on Car IT, navigation and maps, control and information technology (public transit), fleet management, and toll systems. Berlin companies such as Carmeq (Volkswagen group), Hella Aglaia, IAV, and T-Systems develop in particular hardware and software solutions for automobiles. Global players among navigation manufacturers such as TomTom have their headquarters in the capital city, are constantly working on new technologies, and are represented by successful product lines in the global market. Toll Collet, the operator of the German toll system for trucks, also has its headquarters in the capital city.

Salaries always depend on professional experience and vary by company. On average, a surveying engineer earns a starting salary of 36,000 euros, while a traffic planner earns between 30,000 and 42,000 euros. Get started with your job hunt! It is worth your while.

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