My job at 3YOURMIND

Frank Schumann (age 31), media technician

What exactly do you do at 3YOURMIND?

I am responsible for the 3D printers. Ensuring the printers run and are functional. I maintain the devices. 3D printers are very vulnerable. Before you start printing, the printer must be prepared – for instance, I clean the mirror, comb the resin or empty the basin. In addition, all printers must be constantly upgraded, for example to perform two-color printing jobs. I spend half my day in the workshop and the other half in front of the computer. At the computer, I provide Marketing with support and maintain our company's social media profiles. Like in every start-up, you help out wherever you can. I am also responsible for "Kids print Germany" – our company's educational project for children.

What do you find fascinating about this job?

Since I can remember, I've always been a very practical person. I love the challenge of repairing things, getting to the bottom of technical problems. If a printer fails or prints sloppily, I'm automatically motivated to get it back up and running. It's fun. What I like most about my job at 3YOURMIND is alternating between the workshop and my desk. My everyday job is never monotonous.

Why did you decide on 3YOURMIND, a Berlin-based company?

I wanted a change and came to Berlin for this job. I liked the atmosphere in the company right away. 3YOURMIND is a start-up. The unexpected often happens, creating variety in my daily tasks. When things get tight, everyone lends a hand, from the managers to the interns. Things aren't as well-regulated here as they are in a company that has been established for years. I like the excitement. I could have gone to Frankfurt. But since I volunteer for an urban art festival, I already knew a lot of people in Berlin. That, of course, made it easier for me in the beginning. Plus Berlin is simply a beautiful city. End of story.