My job at WHITEvoid GmbH

Christoph Müller (28 years), Mechanical Development Engineer

What exactly do you do within your company?

I am a Mechanical Development Engineer at WHITEvoid GmbH, a Berlin-based company split into two areas – the creative agency WHITEvoid GmbH and the product line, Kinetic Lights. I mainly work for Kinetic Lights. We develop and produce kinetic light installations for events, museums, exhibitions, trade fairs, parties, and much more.

I work in Product Development and develop the products that are used at our events. I mainly construct the cable winches upon which our lights are ultimately hung. These winches can be used to reposition the lights in various directions and create a three-dimensional effect. Furthermore, I ensure that our products receive the correct certifications. This requires a lot of testing, followed by implementing improvements. At Kinetic Lights, the engineers get involved themselves. It’s not uncommon for us to install parts for our prototypes that we have developed ourselves. It’s really exciting.

In short: I develop the products, oversee the manufacturing of the individual parts, install some products myself, test their functionality and service life, and assist in implementing the products for customers.

What do you find fascinating about this job?

In principle, as a Development Engineer, I am a problem-solver. Wherever new ideas are needed, I get involved. It’s fun and it challenges me. At WHITEvoid, I have the chance to actively implement the concepts I have developed. I oversee and am responsible for the entire development process of our products, from the initial idea to the first functional model, right up to fitting the last screw. It just fascinates me!

I also like the fact that we, as engineers, also attend events to take care of the developments. I travel for several weeks each year. Just think about it; you develop a product, ship it across to the other side of the world, and see it in action there for yourself. You are there for each and every step. That always creates a feeling of fascination.

Why did you choose this job at a Berlin-based company?

I had already moved to Berlin to study and grew accustomed to the big-city lifestyle here in Berlin. Berlin is never boring. I love this city and I feel truly alive here. Furthermore, I fell in love and my girlfriend is from Berlin. That’s a key factor in me staying here. Additionally, at WHITEvoid, I have found a job with flexibility that I can tailor to my own interests. That’s very important to me, too. So, why would I ever leave? I’m happy here.