My Job at Wooga

Guilherme Belotti (33 years old), Game Designer

What exactly do you do at Wooga?

I'm a game designer and I create mobile game concepts for the free-to-play market. I work almost every day on creative processes for a variety of interesting games. This means that I ask questions such as "What makes this game fun?" "What makes this game interesting?" "How can we keep this game on the market as long as possible?" "What features will fit this game?" "What can I do so the player comes back to this game day after day?" First I find answers to these questions, then I discuss those answers with the team, and then we implement the new ideas straight away.

What do you find fascinating about this job?

When I was little, I always thought that computer games came from some magical place. Eventually, I had a friend whose brother was studying computer science. That was when I first realized that games are made by people. I immediately fell in love with this job. So I studied "Digital Media Development" and started working in the games industry. And now I work in that "magical place" – I love my job at Wooga. I've always been a bit of a computer geek, a real gamer.

Why did you decide on Wooga, a Berlin-based company?

From the very beginning, Wooga was very open and warm. I simply felt good with the company, and I followed my gut feeling. And why Berlin? That's funny. Whenever I thought about leaving Brazil, Berlin was never on my list of possible places to live. But even before Wooga, I first came into contact with Berlin because my wife was on vacation here for three days. She also traveled to other European cities, but she never gushed about any other city like she did about Berlin. When Wooga came into my life, I already had someone supporting me who was ready to leave Brazil for Berlin. You know, the longer I'm here, the more I'm convinced that life has shown me the right way. Berlin is definitely the "Place To Be" for culture, diversity and the life-work balance. This city is alive – and I'm happy here.