Real Estate & Facility Management in Berlin

Immobilien & Facility in Berlin

To all property valuation advisers, caretakers, custodians, cleaners and colleagues, Job profiles in the area of real estate and facility management vary widely in Berlin. From the planning, financing and approval of construction projects through to marketing, managing and maintaining properties, around 10,000 people in Berlin work in this sector – and that number is increasing.

With over 3.7 million inhabitants, a growth rate of up to 55,000 residents and 280,000 house moves per year within the city, specialists in the real estate industry are urgently required. Berlin has a large number of potential employers, including private property developers, but also municipal housing associations such as GEWOBAG or WBM. Additionally, real estate investors such as CA Immo Deutschland also have offices in the capital. 

If you prefer working in the management area of the real estate industry, you can look into real-estate service providers such as Berlinovo. There are also lots of companies, large and small, that specialise in sales and marketing for apartments and buildings.  

As a real estate agent, you can find jobs not only with traditional agencies, but also with over 100 innovative start-ups in the real estate industry – Berlin is the stronghold of the PropTech scene in Germany. Young companies such as McMakler focus on online services, specifically on finding apartments and buildings. These start-ups give you the unique opportunity to experience and shape the future of the real estate industry. 

From administration buildings to schools and parks, the Federal State of Berlin also owns property and buildings in the capital city. If you are interested in this line of work, your first point of call is BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH. This real-estate service provider manages around 5,000 properties belonging to the federal state and as well as providing employment also offers apprenticeships and dual work-study placements.

Real estate associations are also located in Berlin. For example, IVD Berlin-Brandenburg, the Germany Property Federation (ZIA) and the BFW Berlin bring together the participants of the state-wide real estate industry. It’s always worth having a look at the job vacancies at these associations!

Real Estate & Facility Management university courses

For aspiring academics, six universities offer a range of degree courses in the area of real estate and facility management. From full-time and part-time courses to dual apprenticeship-study programmes, every prospective student will find the right educational path in Berlin.